Birmingham Nightlife

Birmingham is a vibrant city so it should come as no surprise that it also has a vibrant nightlife. Some people have said that the nightlife in Birmingham has some of the best venues on offer in the UK. Many of Birmingham’s best clubs, restaurants and pubs are close to or in the middle of the city centre. With three universities Birmingham has a lot of young and vibrant people to please and this contributes in no small measure to the quality of its nightlife.

Getting around the centre of Birmingham just couldn’t be easier just grab one of the ubiquitous taxis, which will transport you anywhere in the centre for under a fiver. Birmingham’s Broad Street is well known for its lively bars and clubs, which is probably why those people out on a stag or a hen night make a beeline for that area of the city. Known as part of Birmingham’s party mile, most of the drinkers and clubbers are between the ages of 18 and 25. If you prefer your nightlife to be a bit less lively then go somewhere other than Broad Street, it’s not for the fainthearted partygoers.

Although the party mile may be a bit too lively for some, there is plenty of variety in the bars and clubs, so something to suit most people’s taste. While you may encounter a few trouble makers on a Friday night, the general party atmosphere in most of the bars and clubs is what still attracts most people. The Walkabout is an Australian style bar, which has branches across the midlands. The atmosphere at the Walkabout is a general party atmosphere and offers dancing to a range of music as well as booze and some reasonably good pub food.

Ipanama is a lively restaurant come pub/bar serving what it calls fusion dishes, and the Old Orleans is an American bar restaurant serving American-Mexican food along with its beers and a mix of cocktails. If you are looking for something special, which is definitely a dress up kind of evening, then you might want to try the Living Room in Broad Street, but be prepared to pay well over the norm for both drinks and food. A three course meal for two at the Living Room can set you back more than a hundred pounds, so this is definitely somewhere that should be reserved for special occasions only.

If you are some way off the 18-25 age group, then the Mailbox area is just ten minutes away from the city centre. Both restaurants and bars are aimed at a slightly older and more up market clientele than many of the Broad Street venues. If you are hooked on Spanish food then the Estilio is a great Spanish style tapas bar. For those people who enjoy Indian food then the Mailbox area has one of Birmingham’s best curry houses the Café Lazeez, offering a modern take on many of India’s traditional dishes. Probably the best thing about Birmingham nightlife is whatever your age or tastes, there is something to please everyone.