Birmingham International Airport

Birmingham International Airport is the sixth largest airport in the UK. Over 9 million passengers go through the airport every year.  50 airlines use it and they fly to more than a hundred destinations, including New York, Dubai, Paris and Frankfurt. Birmingham International Airport lies at the heart of the UK's rail network and the UK's motorway network making it one of the most accessible airports in Europe. The airport is a major employer in the local area, there are over 6,500 jobs based at the airport and more than another thousand jobs directly supporting the airport.

Car Parking At Birmingham Airport

There is ample parking at the airport suitable for long stay's, for example whilst you're on holiday, down to dropping off points if you are simply delivering somebody to the airport.  There are also regular bus services from the car parks to the airport terminals.  It is possible to book your car parking in advance and make substantial savings on the charges.  Airport parking charges range from one pound upwards for those who are dropping somebody off and may want to see them off and on to their air craft, and start from two pounds 99 if you book in advance for long stay parking.

Birmingham Airport Hotels

There is one airport hotel at Birmingham International Airport, The Novatel. It is a three-star hotel and is located directly opposite the main passenger terminal. This hotel is centrally located in Birmingham and a good site for more than just the airport. There is a free sky rail service linking the hotel with the railway, and the main motorway network is just five minutes away.  Birmingham city centre is only 20 minutes away.  The hotel has 195 rooms and all the usual modern hotel facilities including meeting rooms.  However, the Novatel itself has no direct vehicle access – vehicles access this hotel through airport parking, which is within easy walking distance.

Birmingham Airport Security

Terrorist attacks within the UK have meant that the airport has had to tighten security.  Travellers should carefully check all security requirements and restrictions before travelling and should especially bear the following points in mind.

1. There are limits on the amount of liquids that may be carried in hand luggage, and these will need to be carried in a separate transparent plastic bag.  If you want to take something like water for drinking on your flight, you will need to purchase it at the airport where it will be put in a special sealed bag for you to take through security.

2. Laptop computers and other electrical devices may be carried in hand luggage but will need to be taken out of hand luggage for security screening.

3. You will unfortunately not be able to knit on a long haul flight any more, as knitting needles are not allowed to be carried in hand luggage.